Unbundling Uncovered, AI and the future of payment: a fireside chat with Mike Carrodus

Following Unbundling Uncovered London 2023, Singletrack CSO Brijesh Malkan sat down with conference host and CEO of Substantive Research Mike Carrodus for a wide-ranging discussion reflecting on the event, on the state of the investment research market, and what might happen next.

Key takeaways include:

  • Potential for regulatory alignment and implications on research spend remain uncertain as the industry begins to examine optionality. While costs may be moving away from P&L and back towards client money, the transparency of unbundled research won’t go away
  • Impact of AI on investment research isn’t settled. At Unbundling Uncovered some claimed it will make discovery easier, some argued just the opposite. Mike and Brijesh also discuss the potential impact of AI on training the new generation of analysts
  • The return of attribution as a key theme may be due to the new market conditions - the pressure to justify research spend has only increased
  • Unlocking new budget for research might be possible by offering the buy side new and innovative formats and delivery methods, or new asset classes. But an increase in spend for traditional offerings is unlikely

For more insights into the state of the investment research market, check out our article about Unbundling Uncovered.

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